We like beer. A lot. St. Louis has exploded with world class craft breweries, keeping fans of hops, malts and the magical things that happen when they are combined very, very happy. The Shaved Duck is proud to be a go-to spot in the Lou for local craft beers, while also boasting impressive selections from the rest of America's thriving artisan beer scene. With four rotating tap handles and dozens of bottles beauties, you are sure to find something you like.. and a lot of things you probably don't know you like. We want to challenge your palate.. and at the end of the day, nothing goes better with good BBQ than good beers.

Here are some examples of beers we carry, have carried and probably will again. Keep in mind that our current menu may not reflect what you see below. We carry a great number of seasonal and special releases that rotate on an almost weekly basis.  We have a full bar and wine available also.